Fair Isle
Northern Islands ZE2 9JU
Tel: 0844 4932237
The island is famous for its craft industries of boat building, spinning,
weaving and manufacture of furniture and stained glass windows. Fair Isle
patterned knit wear is sold worldwide.
Open: all year, daily. Bird observatory open 1 May to 31 Oct.

Unst & Yell
Shetland, Northern Islands ZE2 9UT
Tel: 0844 4932237
This is the Trusts most northerly estate and is of special interest to
geologists, botanists and birdwatchers. The Unst areas of Woodwick,
Collaster and Lund have outstanding scenery with undulating hills, rocky
coastline, beaches and cliffs. The land is farmed and is home to a Shetland pony study.
Open: all year, daily.